Skater of the Month: Juicy K. Tore

April Skater of the Month Juicy K. Tore

April Skater of the Month Juicy K. Tore

There’s a reason Juicy K. Tore was voted April Skater of the Month and Most Likely to Bleed Green & Black by her teammates: she eats, sleeps, and breathes SVRG! Her dedication to the team has led her to the natural position of head of Recruitment, where she solicits and trains fresh meat (new skaters) for SVRG. She is the perfect balance of sweet and tough: she’ll always greet you with a smile off skates, but if you’re up against her on the rink, be prepared to hit the floor.

Where did you get your name?

I’m pretty much a girly girl, so I was looking for a name that embodied that. I like shopping and fashion, and always matching at practice. It’s one of the brands I happen to love love love.

How did you get into roller derby?

I joined with Silicon Valley in July of 2007, so I’m coming up on 2 years. I was just looking for something to do. I have a little boy and he’s involved in sports—I’m the executive director of his football league, and he also plays lacrosse.So I was watching him run around and be really rough and active and I was looking for something similar for myself. Also I was new to the area and looking for a good group of friends, and roller derby encompassed both. I did a search online and Silicon Valley was just starting. I found SVRG on MySpace. I set up a MySpace account, contacted the league, came out for a practice, and have been here ever since.

What is your favorite bout memory?

My favorite bout was the Santa Cruz bout (last season). It was really exciting—one of our first games as a league. The venue was really big, and there was a line of people wrapped around the building. It was a high-intensity experience: there was a spotlight following you around when you were jamming, and the crowd was awesome. It was really hyped up, and the feeling I had during that game—I haven’t been able to duplicate it.

Do you have a favorite skating technique or move?

Just skate past bitches and knock them down, that’s my favorite thing to do!

Who are your biggest fans?

My son, Bailey, and my mom and dad—they come to all my games.

What do you do off skates?

Off the rink, I’m an aesthetician. I’m also the executive director for West Valley Pop Warner, which is youth football and cheer. Also, my son’s on the honor roll, so we do a lot of school activities. As for personal hobbies, I do glass blowing and glass fusing. I have a little studio in my garage and I do some metal smithing and jewelry making as well. Honestly, since I’ve been skating roller derby, glass has been second.

What do you like the most about SVRG?

The girls on the team, for sure. I’ve never been in such a large group of girls where everybody gets along and is supportive. If you need something, there’s always ten girls there to help. One of my favorite memories was from the Port City game, which I almost didn’t get to skate. I was scheduled to work and I couldn’t get anyone to take my shift, so I offered my co-workers $50 to cover for me. That morning, when the team found out I couldn’t skate, they started pooling their money together. I started getting text messages: “Make it $65!” “Make it $75!” Within an hour, they had gathered $640 to help me get my shift covered for the game. I’m really proud to be part of this team.

You’re head of Recruitment and work with the fresh meat. What advice would you give girls who are new to roller derby?

If it’s something you really want to do and it’s in your heart—that’s what we’re looking for. Skating skills are kind of secondary coming into the league. We want the girls here who are determined and put their hearts into it every day. Don’t give up, don’t quit, don’t stop skating: keep pushing yourself.

Juice in action

Juice in action

If you’re interested in skating with SVRG, Juicy invites you to drop her a line at, or check out the recruiting page on our website: .


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