Support MaulyAnna’s Walk for Autism!


SVRG’s charity for our May Bout is Autism Speaks, and many of our skaters are participating in their Walk for Autism on May 30. As a team, we are trying to raise $1,500, and we need your help in meeting that goal!

You can visit our team site to donate, or follow the link to donate on MaulyAnna’s page. MaulyAnna is walking for her nephew, Alex:

My nephew Alex is 4 1/2 and an absolute doll. Alex was diagnosed
autistic before his third birthday. The progress he has made since his
diagnosis is all due to the hard work of his team of doctors, teachers
and family.  The more we can do to help the doctors and teachers, the
sooner we will be able to determine the cause and then the cure.

Please consider making a donation here to help MaulyAnna and the rest of SVRG meet our goals in helping the Walk for Autism!


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