Support Frida Khill*ya’s Walk for Autism!


SVRG’s charity for our May bout is Autism Speaks, and several of our team members will be walking on May 30.

As a team, we are trying to raise $1,500, and we need your help in meeting that goal! You can visit our team site to donate, or follow the link to donate on Frida Khill*ya’s personal page. She is walking for her cousin JJ, who she calls “sweet, innocent, and very loving.” Here is what she has to say about her Walk for Autism:
My cousin JJ was a toddler when he was diagnosed with autism. Now he is a handsome 25-year-old who still loves his Golden Books. He is a beautiful person with the biggest smile and a wonderful heart. One of my favorite memories of JJ was when I heard him screaming with joy outside. I went to the window, and what a sight to see: a 19-year-old boy (JJ) being chased by our 3-year-old cousin because he wanted to play with JJ’s puzzle. JJ thought it was hilarious to be chased, and they ended up doing the puzzle together.

I will be walking in honor of my loving cousin.

When I participate in this event, the sense of hope and determination is palpable. I hope that things will not remain the same. That we, by the sheer force of our combined passion, commitment, and numbers will move this field forward to find effective treatments and a cure for this devastating neurological disorder called autism.

With your participation and support, we can get there even faster.


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