Support Postal Servix’s Walk for Autism!


SVRG’s charity for our May bout is Autism Speaks, and several of our team members will be walking on May 30. You can visit our team site to donate, or follow the link to donate on Postal Servix’s personal page.

Here is what Postal Servix has to say about her participation in the walk:

My name is Postal Servix, and I have been skating with the Silicon Valley Roller Girls for about a year and a half. I love the unique female camaraderie of the sport, and of course, speeding around on eight wheels :). I am a blocker/jammer for the Killabytes, origionally from St. Louis, MO.
I have been a Special Ed teacher for two years, and a Social Worker serving adults with disabilities for two years prior to that. Almost half of my students have autism as a diagnosis, and I’ve seen the challenges that autism creates for friends, families, and educators. Early intervention, sensory integration, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, and in some cases medication can help those with autism lead more meaningful lives, but we have a long way to go in finding a cure. That’s why I’m walking on May 30th.

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