FREE Roller Derby! SVRG’s last exhibition bout of the summer!

SVRG exhibition flyer

Last chance for free roller derby!! SVRG will be hosting their last exhibition bout of the summer, so come get the free derby while you can! This time we have invited some of our friends from the Bay.Area.Derby.Girls to play as well, so expect some new (and highly skilled) skaters on the track.

We will be at Roosevelt Park in San Jose (901 E. Santa Clara St.) and the bout starts at 5 pm. As always, you are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages. There is some shaded bleacher seating, but you can also pack a lawn chair and perch right next to the track! It’s going to be a warm day, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen and consider packing one of those chairs with the little shade umbrellas for maximum comfort.

Thanks to Killer Vee for the mention here!


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