SVRG bids farewell to our beloved Double Easy :(


It is with great sadness that we must report the departure of our dear Double Easy for the Rockied realm of Colorado.

As I met Easy later in her tenure, I was shocked to learn that she could barely stand on skates when she first joined SVRG. Her story is the one of sports mythologies, though: she skated her ass off and practiced and practiced and practiced and taught herself some sweet moves. After all that hard work she developed into both a solid blocker and a reliable jammer based on her speed, endurance, agile feet, and quick thinking in the pack. Her mad skills made her a very valuable asset to SVRG.

It’s rare to come across someone with such unbridled enthusiasm for the sport, and her positive attitude and always-ready-for-more mentality helps buoy her teammates’ spirits and keep us looking forward to every challenge. She is always the first to jump at the opportunity for an extra practice and can recite WFTDA rules as easily as her address. She has also been an awesome Web Mistress for the team website, working long hours to make changes and help us transition to our new forums system. Easy also has other talents we will miss. As a foodie, you can always count on her to bring something delicious to every team potluck event and meeting. And, as a fast food/gas station snack connoisseur, there’s no better companion for a road trip to an away game.

SVRG wants to wish the best of luck to Double Easy in Colorado. Let it be known that whatever roller derby team gets her is lucky to have such a fantastic skater and friend joining the team. We will miss you!




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18 responses to “SVRG bids farewell to our beloved Double Easy :(

  1. Spankin' Firecracker

    Easy! I am totally going to miss our carpool conversations and I’m going to miss you scoring those grand slams!!! I can’t wait to come visit you in CO, or better yet- for you to move back!!! 😉 Lots of love and best wishes- Spankin’

  2. Sadie!!!

    Good luck double easy! hoepfully there will be an awesome derby league near you that u can start skating with. If your ever in san jose again, u better come by and visit us!

  3. Pia Mess

    Good luck skating with which ever league you choose. You will be an asset.
    I’d love to hear new, exciting fun drills you learn!
    Come and visit us anytime! ~ Pia

  4. Smashleigh

    Easy… I hate to see you go, but am glad you can rep SVRG no matter what league you end up with. You truly impressed us all with how much work and dedication you put towards roller derby. You’ve come a long way since the days of your tailbone protector. Best of luck wherever your Reidells land you!
    I’ll miss you tons!

  5. Juicy K. Tore

    It was fun skating with you Easy… I am going to miss your giant smile as you jam through the pack 🙂 Good luck with your new team and in the chapter of your life! ~JuiceBox

  6. Lizapalooza

    Hey Easy,
    From day 1 you exuded so much dedication to the sport and the team, and it showed it how great of a skater you have become. We are a better league because of having had you. You have so much to be proud of. I hope that your new league will appreciate you the way that we do (although I don’t know how they could ever since they didn’t teach you how to skate like we did). We will miss you. Go Easy on them.

  7. Lohanded

    Easy, it’s just not fair. First we almost loose you to B.A.D. and now you are off to the Mountains with the Cowboys.

    You are so much fun to impersonate, and your uber genius has provided for much roller derby mathamatical insight as well as humor.

    I love that you puke in golfer holes, and the wild stores of “hole” toliets in China.

    You are truly one of a kind, and don’t come back signing Country Songs!!

  8. Aim DeKill

    What everyone else has said is so true. You really will be missed so much here. I truly hope you know how loved and appreciated you are!
    You’ll always be in our hearts.

  9. CynTax

    Thank you for being an inspiration and giving me some great insights and strategery in the ways of the jammer. I’ve learned a lot from you and will miss your logical way of looking at the game.

  10. diggler

    just know you’re breaking my heart…no one will love your egg tarts more than me. colorado is very lucky get u…

  11. MaulyAnna

    Easy – you’re a doll on and off the rink. Wherever you land we know you’ll succeed. Thanks for always encouraging me to keep pushing. I’ll keep a cold Blue Moon waiting should you find yourself back in the Bay again. ;>

  12. To my Double Queasy-
    From day one you have been one of the most dedicated, hard working skaters I know. I’m sad that this is the year I really got to know you better (playing on the Killas) and now you’re leaving!

    Take care, and don’t forget to post random stuff for me to read on the forum.

  13. Smack Dahlia


    Thanks for always bringing the best food, having a great attitude, and asking the pertinent questions. You are the only person I could ever still love after you tell me “i don’t know if I want to spend that much time alone with you” while working the penalty box together. I’ll miss your brutal honesty! 🙂

  14. Vader

    Easy, I don’t know where the web committee will be without you! I wish you the best of luck, but I will miss you so much!

  15. Dollface

    BYE Easy! We will miss you and you will always have a place with SVRG! Please travel safe and send us updates often!

  16. Zootown

    We miss your smiley face Double E!!! Congratulations on makin the A team at DRD! We knew you could do it!

  17. Hey girls —

    We here at the Denver Roller Dolls are proud to say that Double Easy has joined our ranks! I got the chance to chat with her for one of the first times last night and I know we’ll be lucky to have her.

    We generally ask the skaters to complete their own bios for our site, but if any of you have any dirt you think we have to include… drop me a line! 😉

    (actually, she’s offered to help us out on our website as well, so she may have ultimate editorial control.)

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know she’s found a good home here in CO!

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