Check it out: A Pia Mess fan page!


L: Pia at Rat City (photo credit: Joe Schwartz). R: Pia gearing up for SVRG (photo credit: Jim Cottingham).

Are you on Facebook? (Yeah, me neither.) If so, we hope you’ve friended the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. And while you’re there, you have to check out this fan page for Pia Mess, formerly of Rat City and now wowing fans in the Valley for SVRG. As the site creator said, show the legend some love and become a friend/fan!



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2 responses to “Check it out: A Pia Mess fan page!

  1. Hey, I’m a local artist…I’m interrested in sharing some ideas to help out your cause (fundraising ideas). I can contribute a few paintings, portraits, of your most popular players to be displayed at your local events, fundraisers.
    If this intrests you, the team, please contact me at your next convenience.
    I have all my new painting posted on FB. You can reach me at the provided email.
    Thanks for your time and have an excellent day.


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