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SVRG loves a parade!

Some of our dedicated skaters made an appearance at the Willow Glen Founder’s Day Parade in San Jose this past Saturday before our bout against OC. Thanks to Steffen Razor for the on-site reporting!

Private Choker, Texas ChanaSaw Massacre, Steffen Razor, and Belle Ringer rep SVRG in the parade.

Private Choker, Texas ChanaSaw Massacre, Steffen Razor, and Belle Ringer rep SVRG in the parade.

SVRG @ Willow Glen Founder’s Day Parade

Writeup by Steffen Razor

This was the first parade to skate in for many of us, so we were very excited and ready to do some skating! Our roster for the parade consisted of Texas ChanaSaw Massacre, Private Choker, Belle Wringer, Steffen Razor and our ground crew/promotional coordinator Kimfectious. The Dot.Kamikazes had a bout the same evening, plus we have been promoting for the movie Whip It, so this was a prime opportunity for us to do some flyering.

Although there were 40+ entries in the parade and there was a large turnout of participants, we were charmed to see that the parade lasted three blocks, and that it had a very “hometown” feel to it. The crowd was pretty rowdy (for a parade) as we skated down the street. They were asking us to do tricks and cheering when we did some fancy backwards whips we had been practicing a few nights before. They also liked our regular whips and the skilled display of hip checks by Razor, Belle and ChanaSaw. Obviously SVRG is well known in the area, because we heard requests for Lipstik Bandita and other skaters, as well as cheers from some fans who know us already. One parade-goer seemed skeptical of our league’s success, so Razor skated over to explain our record for the year, that both our A and B teams had only lost one game each. Upon being challenged with “Well, have you played Santa Cruz?” Razor was pleased to answer that we had played both their A and B teams and had been victorious both times.

After the parade was over, we did a little meet ‘n greet with the crowd, and handed out some goodies: sweatbands, wristbands, buttons, trading cards and posters from Whip It.


SVRG was around town in other fashions this weekend as well. Below are some pics from an appearance some of our girls did to promote the Whip It soundtrack at Streetlight Records.

Left: Feisty Irish and Smashes of Evil hand out goodies. Right: Terribelle Demise poses with a fan.

Left: Feisty Irish and Smashes of Evil hand out goodies. Right: Terribelle Demise poses with a fan.

We hope to see some more fans out at our next public appearance, during the premiere of Whip It at Camera 7 Pruneyard and Camera 12 Downtown Theaters this Friday!


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Support the Silicon Valley Roller Girls’ Skate-o-Thon!


Your Silicon Valley Roller Girls love, love, love derby. What you may not know is the extent to which we devote our time and money to our sport. We’re a totally self-run nonprofit organization, which means that each skater on the team supports herself. It ain’t cheap to get geared up (for example, a new pair of skates will set you back $100-$600, a set of wheels can run $40-$90, a complete set of pads $60-$90…not to mention helmets, mouthguards, socks, stockings, practice jerseys, uniforms, etc.), and we use team funds and our own money to cover the expenses of traveling for away games. Plus, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a girl who hasn’t sunk a couple hundred bucks on medical bills during her career. Here is a recent article documenting the financial crisis for girls playing our DIY sport.

That’s why we need your help. The Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be holding a costumed Skate-o-thon on October 19 at San Jose Skate. You are welcome to come watch–a $5 donation will get you in the door, and if you come in costume, you can compete in our costume contest!

We are asking our friends, families, and fans to give us a hand and help us raise funds for next season. You can pledge a per-lap donation to an individual skater by contacting her individually, or visit our homepage to donate via PayPal. Through PayPal, you can make a team donation or support an individual skater’s efforts by writing her name in the comments when you make your donation. Some skaters are also on Facebook and have ChipIn on their profiles if you prefer to donate that way.

As always, SVRG thanks you for your support!

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Whip It good with SVRG: Come join us for a screening!


Your Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be out and about for the premiere of the new roller derby movie, Whip It, this Friday, October 2. You’ll get to meet us and hear a little about your local roller derby league before showings at the Camera 7 Pruneyard (1875 S. Bascom Ave.,  Campbell, CA 95008) and the Camera 12 Downtown (201 South Second Street, San Jose, CA 95113). If you’re interested as a fan or a skater, take this opportunity to catch a fun movie and chat with your local roller derby girls about our amazing sport!

Update: Here are the times. We will have girls at all showings, so stop by for the one that best fits your schedule 🙂 Bring a camera and snag a pic with a roller girl. We hope to have merch for sale so you can go home with your very own SVRG gear, so bring some cash!

Camera 7 — 11:15 am, 1:45, 4:20, 7:00, 9:40

Camera 12 — 4:35, 7:10, 9:45, 12 midnight

You can buy tickets for the shows here. See you there!


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SVRG Dot.Kamikazes dominate the Orange County Crushers, 132-64

The best offense is a good defense. L: Pia Mess takes care of an OC blocker. R: Aim De Kill controls not one but two of OC's pack.

The best offense is a good defense. L: Pia Mess takes care of an OC blocker. R: Aim De Kill controls not one but two of OC's pack. Photos: Jim Cottingham

Reporting by Kimfectious

When I say SV, you say RG! Over and over, Skooter Ov’r got the crowd pumped up to cheer for their hometown favorites, the Dot.Kamikazes, as they battled it out with Orange County’s Orange Crushers.  As the two teams rolled out, Juicy K. Tore of SVRG cartwheeled her way into her birthday bout, setting the mood for a fun and action packed night.  The crowd was already going nuts as the girls lined up for the first whistle blow.

Juicy K. Tore celebrated her birthday bout by cartwheeling out onto the track and enjoying an extra long birthday spank alley at half time.

Juicy K. Tore celebrated her birthday bout by cartwheeling out onto the track and enjoying an extra long birthday spank alley at half time. Photos: Jim Cottingham

Pia Mess started off the first jam with 14 points.  Both her booty and her attitude taunted the opposing team with “I dare you.”  Smash & Burn, Smack Dahlia, and Terribelle Demise proved to be a strong jammer rotation for Silicon Valley, with Wild Bella, B Train, D Cup Runneth Over, and Ice Cube sportin’ the star for Orange County.  OC’s Kina Wahine also served double duty, jamming and playing defense in the pack.

SVRG had the advantage of a full roster, while the Orange Crushers played with only 11 skaters.  None of this seemed to faze Kina Wahine. The Hawaiian honey of Orange County skated full force in the pack.  She led the Crushers in the right direction and constantly had her eyes locked on the SVRG jammer.  Also bringin’ it for OC was Brik Wall and Street Cred. Both ladies dished out some gnarly hits. Loca Mafiosa, Hell Toro, Rotten O, and Mia Roller comprised the rest of the Crusher defense.

Who said blockers have all the fun? Photo: Jim Cottingham

Who said blockers have all the fun? Photo: Jim Cottingham

Mistits and Rot Wheels, SVRG’s pivots, held down the front while Donna Diggler, Juicy K. Tore, The Beast, Lizapalooza, Aim to Kill, Lindsay Lohanded, Postal Servix, and Death by Dollface rocked the defense in the rest of the pack. This wall of black and green worked together to smush the Crushers to the outside or drive them to the inside, leaving just inches for the SVRG jammer to sneak by.

By jam 9, the score was OC 15 and SVRG 50.  Then Silicon Valley’s dynamic defense, by both blockers and jammers, denied Orange County any points for 8 jams in a row.  Kina Wahine muscled through and scored two points in the 19th jam of the period.

Pia Mess proved her diversity as a player, by playing every single position in the pack, and as a jammer she had an awesome average of 6.33 points per jam. In her first game as a Dot.Kamikaze, Postal Servix proved to be an effective blocker and jammer.  She scored 14 points in three jams, and just may be rookie of the season.

In the second half, Orange County came back strong.  They effectively used the twenty foot rule (i.e., a blocker must be within 20 feet of the pack in order to hit or engage the jammer) to control the pack and score some points. B-train and Ice Cube each chipped away at the score, getting a few points and then calling off the jam before SVRG could score.  The Orange Crushers were lead jammer for the first seven jams, until SVRG’s Pia Mess came back in the 8th jam as lead jammer.  As the second half went on, SVRG kept getting stronger and scoring more points.  Both teams were all smiles as the last jam ran out, final score 134 to 67. After a victory lap, each team announced its MVPs, with Smack Dahlia, who jammed for 41 points, representing SVRG, and Street Cred and her awesome defense winning it for the OC.

Thanks again to the awesome Kimfectious for the reporting!

We would like to give a special thanks to all of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls fans who came out to support your NorCal sisters—your presence and cheering was much appreciated!

As per usual, we would like to thank our hard-working ref and NSO staff; our great announcing team, Timothy Jordan, 92.3 FM’s Teddy Bynum, and SVRG Renaissance woman Skooter Ov’r; our wonderful coaches, Pandamonium, Left Turn Only, and Pia Mess; our volunteers, for their hard work; and our families, friends,sponsors, and fans for their forever support.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for SVRG’s last home game, a doubleheader at San Jose Skate on November 14!! You’ll get to see both the Dot.Kamikazes and the KillaBytes in their last game of the season!

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Fact-checking the “Whip It” trailer

The roller derby community is super excited for the debut of the new roller derby movie, “Whip It,” directed by Drew Barrymore and adapted from Shauna Cross’s novel. The movie follows Bliss Cavender (Ellen Page, aka Juno) as she goes from unhappy pageant puppet to roller derby queen. Barrymore, SNL‘s Kristin Wiig, rapper-designer-actor Eve, and Juliette Lewis play other derby girls, and Jimmy Fallon steps in as the venue announcer. Daniel Stern and Marcia Gay Harden play Bliss’s parents. So far the reviews out of the Toronto Film Festival say it’s a fun flick, and Juliette Lewis steals the show.

If you’re an SVRG or other flat-track roller derby fan, you may be confused by the trailer: WTF? The biggest discrepancy here is that the Whip It version of derby is closer to its 1970s incarnation, where skating was done on a banked trank and slapstick violence was common (and often choreographed). Today, a flat track is more commonly used, and the fake-fighting has been replaced with a strict set of rules for hitting and other body contact. An analogy can be made here; old roller derby: new roller derby is like comparing professional wrestling, like the WWE, to Greco-Roman wrestling you see in the Olympics. While both require a level of athleticism and both can certainly incur vicious injuries, the former is characterized by a penchant for drama and crowd-pleasing antics, whereas the latter focuses on true athletic competition by the rules of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Both, I assure you, are filled with their own share of thrills and spills.

So, for those of you who are wondering, here is my opinion, the Retox Fox frame-by-frame analysis of what’s true to our form of the sport and what’s Hollywood:


o:55  Witness the banked track. Although there are some banked track leagues in existence, the current incarnation of the sport is dominated by flat track leagues like SVRG. But, as Killer Vee notes below, author Shauna Cross is herself a banked track skater for the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, so that is what the text focused on. And, let’s face it, a banked track makes for cooler camera angles and more artistic tumbling. Interestingly, I’ve heard that contrary to expectations, it’s easier on your body and injuries aren’t as bad on the banked track compared to flat track (I would guess it’s because there is a natural momentum, and the physics at work make for predictable falling patterns.)

0:59  Someone throws an elbow (elbowing is illegal by WFTDA rules; also, no contact to face/neck permitted)

1:00  One player clotheslines another (illegal by WFTDA rules: no contact to the face/neck permitted; no hit may be initiated with the forearm or hands)

1:01   Blocking to the face/punching players (illegal by WFTDA rules)

1:02  Punching a player (illegal by WFTDA rules and will get you ejected in a heartbeat!)

On a side note, I would also point out that real derby women have a much wider range of shapes and sizes than are visible in the trailer. Although there are real derby women skating in this movie, casting choices were in part made on body size–so wannabe derby girls, take note: real roller derby doesn’t prejudice against big girls.

Fo’ real

1:10 Bliss comments the last time she wore skates, they had Barbies on them. It’s true that many of us had not skated since childhood when we started playing derby! And like the Hurl Scouts, the Silcon Valley Roller Girls welcomes skaters of all levels to our next bootcamp, in your Barbie skates or otherwise (Oct. 29/Nov. 1, see here for more details!)

1:13-1:15 Bliss takes several falls. Falling unsafely and without grace happens until you get comfortable in your skates and get proper instruction on how to fall. In roller derby, some of your first skills are falling. You learn to avoid falling on your butt (falling forward allows you to brace yourself and protect your tailbone). You also learn to “fall small,” that is, to tuck in your limbs so you don’t trip other girls on the track.

1:21-1:26 Bliss skates in the street. In order to succeed in roller derby, you must put in a lot of hours skating on your own beyond practice, whether it be in parking lots, tennis courts, or at an indoor rink. Note, though, that it is advisable to use different wheels on rough outdoor surfaces (indoor wheels are often too slippery and can get messed up on the rough surface.) Also note that quad skates and derby wheels aren’t as flexible as rollerblades and may not be a pleasant ride on pavement and other seemingly-skatable surfaces.

1:27 Bliss does situps. Yes, yes, YES! You should engage in other forms of exercise outside of derby to keep your body strong and fit!

1:57 “I am in love with this!” Bliss yells passionately in an apparent argument with her folks. YES, WE ARE! And unfortunately, such conflicts with our loved ones aren’t that uncommon, because derby takes a LOT of time and devotion.

2:01-2:08 The Hurl Scouts party. Oh, yes, derby girls do like to have a good time. And some of us manage to score in swimming pools, too.
So, in summary: the flamboyant rule-breaking hits are ridiculous, but otherwise, at first glance, it looks like this movie is true to its aim as far as the heart and soul that is roller derby. Keep your eyes on the blog for our upcoming promotional events with the Whip It premiere October 2!


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SVRG takes over KSCU: Win free tickets!!

If you’re in front of a radio right now, tune in to KSCU, 103.3 FM,  for your chance to win FREE TICKETS to this Saturday’s bout! SVRG will be on the air between 7:30 and 9 AM giving away tickets and taking your calls.

Tune in again from 5-7 pm for the Death by Dollface and Donna Diggler power hour!

Ring: 408-554-KSCU

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SVRG is the West Coast’s first WFTDA Apprentice League!


We could not possibly be more thrilled!! We got our official notification that the SiliconValley Roller Girls is one of only ten leagues in the entire country to make it into the WFTDA apprentice program! This is a very big step for us to become an officially sanctioned WFTDA team. Once we are WFTDA we will be eligible for regional rankings and competing in regional and national WFTDA tournaments.

Thank you for all of your support!

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