SVRG Hits of ’09: Check out this video!

Check out this great set of clips of SVRG in action, some slammin’ hits and nasty spills, assembled by Cecil B. De Shill. The music you will recognize as our SVRG theme song by the Whiskey Avengers. Enjoy!

It’s all the more thrilling in person, so be sure to get your tickets to our last bout of the season on Nov. 14!



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3 responses to “SVRG Hits of ’09: Check out this video!

  1. Not related to this entry, but I wanted to let you all know that Double Easy really lead her new home team the Shotgun Betties to victory last night!

    The score was within a handful of points and the lead changed several times for most of the first half, then she put down a 24-point jam, and the other team was never able to catch up! The final score was 130-109, so truly her jam WAS the difference!

    Thanks so much for letting us have her! 🙂 (even though I played on the team she beat yesterday….)

    • retoxfox

      Way to go, Double Easy! Glad our girl is still doin’ us proud. We could have used one of those 24-point jams against Port City on Saturday!

  2. Roller Derby ~ The Chiropractors full employment act of 2005.

    I will see you on November 14th. I need more derby shots.

    Follow the link above to the SINtral Valley DG’s fund raiser at Club Max.

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