Support SVRG: Join us at Aqui in Willow Glen, Monday Feb. 15

Photo credit: Aqui website

What easier way to support your local roller derby team than eating a delicious burrito or sipping on a tasty margarita? Come celebrate Presidents’ Day with us!

If you’re free on Monday, February 15th, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls are hosting a fundraiser at Aqui Cal-Mex Restaurant in Willow Glen. You don’t have to do anything special but come have a margarita and/or eat dinner, tell them when you order that it’s for SVRG, and they will generously donate 20% of their proceeds between 4 and 9 pm. Aqui is located at 1145 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, 95125. There is parking on the street or behind the restaurant.

You can bet I’ll be there. Foodwise, I love the Angus beef burrito and the Cuban pork enchiladas, both with plenty of pico de gallo. (You can peek at the menu here.) I also endorse their Industrial Strength Margaritas. I confess, when I first saw margaritas in a machine, having moved from Tucson I was very NUH-UH at first. Let me tell you–those frozen margaritas are some tasty treats! I am a big fan of the strawberry swirl…yum. They do have some kick to them, though, so carpool with a designated driver if necessary. See you there!


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