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Come carbo-load with SVRG at Pasta Pomodoro!

On Monday, March 1, Pasta Pomodoro has agreed to support the Silicon Valley Roller Girls by donating 20% of its proceeds from sales at any of its branches, for carryout or dine-in, all day long. All you have to do is hand them a copy of this flyer when you order: PartnerFlyer_20_ SOUTHBAY_1 . Easy!

As you know, we have our bout coming up on Saturday, March 6, so that means we will be in the mood for some carbo-loading! Come meet some SVRGers early in the evening (we still have practice at 8 pm) or come meet Meat! Yes, this event will be attended by many of our bootcampers (aka Fresh Meat), who are hoping to pass their skills tests soon and join SVRG. We will have girls at the Santana Row location, 378 Santana Row #1130, San Jose, CA 95128. Follow this link to see a map and menus. See you there!



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Read more about our efforts to save our rink in today’s San Jose Mercury-News!!

Many thanks to Joe Rodriguez for the coverage here, and for Sal Pizarro, who on Feb. 5 drew the public’s attention to the first community meeting.

You can also follow our ongoing efforts to Save San Jose Skate at our new blog collaboration: Please come join the discussion and stay apprised of opportunities to speak your mind to the City Council so that we can preserve our home!

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Skater of the Month: MisTits

MisTits and Juicy K. Tore prepare to rock

I confess that I have probably voted for MisTits as SOTM more than any other skater on SVRG. All it takes is going up against her one-on-one in any blocking situation to know how fearsome she is. After every bout I am reminded of the grace and fortitude of her execution as she darts around the track, laying out opponents right and left with the efficiency of a professional assassin. I’ve seen jammers catch more air than Michael Jordan after Tits has picked one off with a killer hit. The reason why Tits is such an amazing blocker, though, is that in addition to all that raw power, she is incredibly agile on her skates. That combination should give any opponent a sinking feeling when they see her lining up.

How did you find out about roller derby?
I was looking up fight moves to use in my next fight. I came across a video of two girls skating as fast as they can. One girl suddenly turns and knocks the other girl off her feet and into the air. The crowd went crazy. I had found my next fight move…and it was legal!


What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?
The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.


How did you derive your derby name?
I’m a big Misfits fan…and I love my chesticles!


What is your signature move?
Knocking down yo’ jammer.


What is your greatest strength as a skater?
I am always pushing myself and encouraging others to improve.


What has been your greatest experience on the rink?
Learning how to skate. When I started I didn’t even know how to skate. I was using my little sister’s skates that our mom bought for a dollar at a yard sale!


I hear your little sister is a derby girl in the making.
Everybody better watch out when she hits the track–I’ve been teaching her how to block and skate fast. She’s training to be SVRG’s MVP in 2015.


What is your worst injury, and how did you earn it?
I don’t get bruises, I give them!


Which teammates do you work well with?
The skate wheels:  Juicy, Feisty, Skooter, and me. Four wheels make a skate!


What are you looking forward to the most this season?
Getting first place at the jello wrestling match…again!


What do you contribute to SVRG *off* the track?
During SVRG’s early years I made many flyers and graphics.


If you’re not on the rink, where would we find you?
You can find me at a skate park. Roosevelt, Cunningham, or Cabrio, but my home away from home is Sunnyvale Skate Park.


What’s the one piece of advice you would give women interested in playing roller derby?
Push yourself till you think you can’t go on, and then push yourself a little more.


Yes, jammers, you should be plenty afraid. Photo credit: Boss Hogg

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SVRG meets with Zonta

by Death by Dollface

Occasionally, we at SVRG are asked to be the distinguished guests of local organizations to discuss SVRG and what modern day roller derby looks like. Zootown Throwdown and I happily accepted the request to speak in front of the local Silicon Valley chapter of Zonta in Mountain View tonight. These opportunities are special to us, as we LOVE talking about ourselves and our organization, naturally. The Zonta ladies were very inviting and honestly I think we walked away with more knowledge about what a wonderful organization Zonta is than we left behind about SVRG!

If you haven’t heard of Zonta International, I encourage you to look them up Zonta describes itself as “a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy.” Zonta members volunteer their time, talents and money to local and international service projects, as well as scholarship and award programs aimed at furthering women’s education, leadership and youth development.

As you can see, their mission for the furtherment of women fits very neatly with SVRG’s mentality of hope for women’s empowerment through sport.

AND, did you know they offer scholarships? Zonta International offers 3 forms of scholarship for  high school students as well as  junior and senior college-age women pursuing business degrees and graduate school aeronautical work. To get more information on how to apply, please visit their site:

Thank you Zonta for enriching us today! Zonta is a wonderful organization, and we encourage you to check out the opportunities they have for involvement.

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Hall of Pain: Absolutely Scabulous eats rink

No, that’s not a fine goatee AbScab is sporting. In the midst of some hot derby action at practice last week, she took a full on sprawl and met the floor chin first. Thankfully, she had her mouthguard in, so she only ate floor and not her own tongue. The result was this lovely bruise and a raging headache the next day. Hot!

AbScab is thankful to still have her pretty teefs, and so would like this to serve as a public service announcement: ALWAYS WEAR YOUR MOUTHGUARD!

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SVRG assembles food care packages for the needy at Sacred Heart

Bones, Mr. Kitten, Kitten, Johnny Demonic, and Broken BabyDoll volunteered at Sacred Heart.

Some of our Silicon Valley Roller Girls, refs, and a derby widow helped sort and assemble food care packages for the needy at Sacred Heart Community Service on Saturday. Satan’s Kitten, Mr. Kitten, Broken BabyDoll, Jonny Demonic, and Catherine Beata Bones joined other One Brick volunteers to help package over 1000 bags of food to be distributed in the San Jose area.

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Save our rink! Be there TONIGHT!

The community meeting is going down tonight at 6 pm. You can bet you’ll see your Silicon Valley Roller Girls there. Wear your black and green and show your support for SVRG and San Jose Skate! WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE OUR HOME!
Edenvale Library
101 Branham Ln.
San Jose, CA 95111

If you can’t make it tonight, please let your voices be heard and support San Jose Skate!
Find your representative:
See their profiles and email addresses here:

Or send it the old fashioned way, ATTN: your representative, 200 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA 95113.


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