Save our rink! SVRG and San Jose Skate need your help

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are asking their fans and supporters to speak up to prevent the demolition of our home, San Jose Skate.

We have had a partnership with San Jose Skate since January 2007. Not only do we host our home bouts there, but we rely on this space to conduct our practices four nights a week. Now, we are at risk of losing our home.

While we support the mission of Charities Housing, we feel there are other opportunities to develop that would not involve tearing down this cherished San Jose institution. In addition to supporting our league, San Jose Skate has provided safe and fun entertainment for the community for 30 years. Please consider attending the community meeting to show your support for San Jose Skate and the Silicon Valley Roller Girls.



Here is a statement from Mike and the management at San Jose Skate:

San Jose Skate is in danger of going the way of most child oriented venues in California and particularly in San Jose. Think about it! Where do children have the opportunity to go these days that is safe and inexpensive? You probably have many fond memories of spending a Friday or Saturday night here as a teen or attending a birthday party as a kid.

Now some background. The owners of the property have decided to sell the property to Charities Housing of San Jose. Charities Housing is planning on developing a SRO (single residence occupancy) type facility for low income individuals or couples. There will be a community meeting organized by the City’s Planning Department on

Thursday February 11 at 6:00pm at the
Edenvale Library
located at
101 Branham Ln.
San Jose, CA 95111
Link to Google Maps

I firmly believe in the job Charities Housing does and especially now with the economy being what it is, however, the rink has been here for over 30 years and is valuable to all citizens of the Silicon Valley and San Jose no matter what their income.

I know that the rink is well worn and needs a lot of cosmetic improvements but unfortunately we have never had a lease that would allow us the flexibility to invest in long term upgrades. If we could ever secure a long term lease or even purchase the building then the necessary improvements would be made.

I have included some links so that you can do the necessary research to form an opinion. Once you do so please plan on attending the community meeting. If you can not attend then please let you local representative know how you feel about the rink closing. I have provided a link to locate your representatives below.

Thank you for your time and again your business,

— Management of San Jose Skate

Overview of the project
Architect’s graphics
San Jose Planning Dept.
Find your representative



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7 responses to “Save our rink! SVRG and San Jose Skate need your help

  1. I could help with some fundraising/awareness shows in conjunction with my existing Barb Rocks Presents shows if that would help! Let me know!

  2. Jennifer Kiernan Zawilski

    SVRG: Thanks very much for letting us know about this. I’m confused by one aspect of this post, though: It starts out looking like it’s from SVRG, but ends looking like it’s from the Management of SJS. Can the post be clarified? Also, who are the property owners? And what is the timeline for this sale?

    • retoxfox

      The first part is an intro I wrote, which I appended to what SJS had on their site. Based on your comment I clarified by throwing a “Love, SVRG” in before the introduction to SJS’s statement–hope that makes it more clear who wrote what.

      From my understanding, the people who own the office building next door own (owned?) the property. The skate rink has always been on a lease. A scary white sign noting the potential sale/repurpose of the property appeared toward the end of last year, although I don’t know specifics. We are uncertain about the timeline, although it looks like they want to move quickly given that the meeting is set for next week.

      • Actually the building next door is owned by Swensen. The land owners sold them half the land a while back with the option to buy the other half in the future. But Swensen has had a hard time filling those medical offices so they aren’t interested in buying the rest of the land so the owners had to find a new buyer. That is where Charities Housing steps in. You can go to for more information.

  3. Se7en

    I think the most important thing we can do for now, as a supporter of SVRG and the rink, is be present at the community meeting, let our voices be heard, and our support be known, to the city’s planning dept.

  4. Janet Phinick

    I think this building should be a City HISTORICAL MONUMENT based on the fact that it is the only rink of its size in a 150 mile radius and the rich history it has serving the community of San Jose over the last fifty years, or however long it has been in existence.
    If it were protected in this way, no one could change its use. Period. End of story and the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our beloved San Jose Skate, which needs a huge breath of fresh air. The owners would have no choice but to either sell it to a real operator with core competency in roller rinks or find someone to run it that knows how to make it profitable.
    This is going to be my mission. Watch for the petition. You can be part of this.

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