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Listen to SVRG on 92.3 FM tonight!

SVRG will be on 92.3 FM tonight on the Teddy & Chris Show between 9 pm and midnight. You can also catch Dollface and BootyVicious on 103.3 KSCU after 6 pm. Tune in for your chance to win tickets to our bout this Saturday!


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Get your tickets for Surrender Yer Booty NOW!

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be taking on Central Coast Roller Derby on May 1 at San Jose Skate, 397 Blossom Hill Road, with a pirate themed bout.  Doors open at 5:30, with the KillaBytes playing at 6 and the Dot.Kamikazes at 8. As always, there will be a raffle, beer garden, concessions, vendors, and PIRATES!!!, including a swashbuckling half time show. Throw on your bandannas and eyepatches and come out in full pirate regalia–you will be in good company!

Tickets are now SOLD OUT online. Tickets can be purchased by coming to San Jose Skate during their business hours and buying at the window OR by calling them and purchasing with credit card. Tickets are now $15.00 for adults, $8.00 for kids. They take cash and credit card and their phone number is: 408-226-1155. Don’t wait until you get to the door the day of the bout–you may get shut out! A portion of the proceeds from this bout will benefit the YWCA.

Also, bring a new women’s pajama item to the YWCA booth & receive a FREE souvenir SVRG sports bottle, while supplies last! YWCA will be receiving a portion of the proceeds from the bout. Fans are encouraged to bring a *new* women’s pajama item such as T-shirts, PJ bottoms, sweats, or underwear to the YWCA booth at the bout, which will be donated to rape victims through the YWCA’s Rape Crisis Center. Fans who do so will receive a free SVRG signature sports bottle for their donation while supplies last. The need for these items are critical according to YWCA Development Officer Kelly Ramirez, “The purpose for these needs is that when a woman is sexually assaulted, her clothing becomes evidence and is needed to remain in custody.  Our Rape Crisis Advocates bring victims a change of clothing for when they need to release the clothing they were wearing.”

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Skater of the Month: Catherine Beata Bones

Bones will jam you up! Photo: Jim Cottingham

Catherine Beata Bones has been a welcome addition to the KillaBytes this season. Not only is she a speedy jammer, but her fierce hip checks and booty blocks also make opponents take note when she’s in the pack. She’s also a warm person and quick to laugh, making Bones a natural fit for the team. She secured the top-scoring jam in her debut bout in March and I anticipate that she’ll be racking up the points this Saturday against CCRD!

How did you find out about/get into roller derby?

I went to an SVRG outdoor exhibition bout last summer and have been hooked ever since!

What kind of skating skills or athletic abilities did you have before starting derby?

I got skills, but before derby I had absolutely no skating skills. I played basketball for years when I was younger and learning to skate was a big adjustment.

How did you derive your derby name?

All the names that I wanted were all ready taken so I decided to go with a play on Catherine Zeta-Jones, one of my favorite actresses.

What is your primary position?

Jammer. [Ed.’s note: Bones is also a mean blocker–all that basketball training paid off!]

What is your greatest strength as a skater?

I am a fast skater, which helps when you’re a jammer.

What has been your greatest experience on the rink?

Playing in my first bout on March 6 against San Diego Hard Corps–huge adrenaline rush!

What is your worst injury, and how did you earn it?

Just your average hip bruises and standard rink rash.

Who’s your biggest fan?

My mom, even though she winces every time I get knocked to the ground.

With which teammates do you work well?

I love all the Killas! I think we all groove well together.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

I am looking forward to traveling with the Killas hopefully to Denver or Tahoe this summer.

What do you contribute to SVRG *off* the track?

Off the track I’m part of the safety committee.

How do you spend the non-derby part of your life?

Off the track I work as a nurse, and can knit a mean scarf.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give women interested in playing roller derby?

Never give up. Roller derby is a challenge at first but keep at it!

Photo credit: Adrian Valenzuela

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SVRG helps local men Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

This past Wednesday, amidst the cold rain and hail, members of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls joined the YWCA’s annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event in downtown San Jose. Bozo Disposo, Bitch Puddin’, BootyVicious, Feisty Irish, Spankin’ Firecracker, Cole Cocked, Belle Ringer, Retox Fox, and refs Peter F., Christopher, and Dual Cannonz (currently with Santa Cruz) joined the crew. The walk is designed to promote awareness about rape and sexual assault. During the walk, men don high heels and other women’s shoes to literally walk a mile (okay, more like half a mile) in her shoes.

BootyVicious and Feisty Irish with Chris, who was walking (quite fashionably, check out those shoes!) with Kaiser; Feisty and another participant stay dry.

Before the walk, different speakers shared their stories and elaborated on the frightening statistics about these crimes. A cymbal clashed every 5 minutes to remind the audience about the frequency of sexual assault in the U. S. Although the dreary rain represented the somber nature of the event, participants still managed to keep their spirits high as they marched through the streets. SVRG wants to thank the YWCA for putting on such an important educational event and the brave men who did not let wind, nor rain, nor hail, nor a three-inch stiletto keep them from making the trek and promoting awareness.

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See SVRG KillaBytes’ bout on Comcast this week!!

Did you miss our Malice in Wonderland bout? Thanks to our partners at CreaTV (and the awesome work of producers Lisbet Perez and Jennifer Sitter), you can see a replay of the KillaBytes’ March 6 bout against the San Diego Hard Corps on Comcast channel 15 at the following times this week:

Tuesday, April 20 @ 12:00pm

Sunday, April 25 @ 1:00am

Wednesday, April 28 @ 11:00am

Tune in!

Times for the Dot.Kamikazes’ bout coming soon…

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Dot.Kamikazes Edged Out by Arizona, Defeated by Duke, but Topple Tucson at Dust Devil

SVRG’s Dot.Kamikazes traveled to Tucson for the Dust Devil tournament this past weekend. The week leading up to the tournament had not been kind to the Dots, with jammer Betta Watchit downed with an ankle injury on Sunday and blocker and defensive lynchpin Rot Wheels breaking her leg in practice on Monday. Injuries continued to haunt the team during the tournament.

The Dot.Kamikazes faced Arizona Roller Derby’s Tent City Terrors, whom they had defeated at the Bakersfield Dust Bowl tournament. Although the Dots were ahead by 50 points, Arizona made a great comeback and won, 137-133. During the game both Pia Mess and Lindsay Lohanded sustained injuries; Lohanded was forced to sit out the first bout against Duke on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Dots skated against their first nationally ranked team, #21 Duke City (from Albuquerque, NM). Although the Dots made a strong start, Duke capitalized on penalty situations moreso than SVRG and had pulled ahead 89-39 by halftime. In the first jam of the second half, SVRG jammer (and Bakersfield Dust Bowl’ tourney’s MVP) Smash ‘n’ Burn went down with a back injury and was taken off the rink on a stretcher. As she made her way to the hospital, SVRG continued to fight against Duke, but they fell 172-78.

For the final game, SVRG faced Tucson’s Furious Truckstop Waitresses. SVRG secured the lead early on with the help of a 25-point jam by Zootown Throwdown and ended the first half ahead 123-33. SVRG continued to pile up points through several power jams, winning 212-71. You can see pictures of this bout here. Thankfully, we also received the news that Smash’s x-rays had also come back okay, so Sunday ended on a high note.

Captain Smack Dahlia was awarded SVRG’s MVP for the tournament. Congratulations!

You can see more thorough coverage than my third person hearsay at Derby News Network.


Smack Dahlia/ Pia Mess/ Death by Dollface/ MisTits/ Smash ‘n’ Burn/ Scait Riot/ Lindsay Lohanded/ Donna Diggler/ Kimfectious/  Lizapalooza/ BootyVicious/ Knuckles DeVille/ Postal Servix/ Zootown Throwdown


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Holla out to your loved ones at our May 1 bout!

Do you want to wish someone a happy birthday, commemorate an anniversary, or let a roller girl know you’re wishing her luck on the rink at our May 1 bout? Or maybe you just want to promote your business or website? Show your love and support SVRG! For a mere $25, you can secure on screen advertising during our bout. Our production partners from CreaTV will create a special screen that will flash throughout the evening with your message.

You don’t even have to be in attendance–maybe you have to be out of town and are going to miss your BFF rockin’ the rink. All you need to do is send your message to, and once it is approved, we will send you a link to make the online payment. Then, done!

Please note this is a limited offer so that each ad will get sufficient screen time, so request one today!

In the meantime, if you don’t have tickets, be sure to check here on how to get them!

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