WE MADE IT! It’s official: SVRG is now a WFTDA league!!!

After a lot of intense work, particularly by our current President, Zootown Throwdown, and our former president and current WFTDA liaison, Death by Dollface, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls are VERY proud to announce that after completing the apprentice program, we have been accepted as a league in the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association.

To give you a more digestible parallel, this is like us getting accepted into the MLB or NFL. As a competitive sport, this opens a lot of doors for us. Because WFTDA teams are encouraged to play other WFTDA teams in sanctioned bouts, many higher-ranked teams will be seeking to play us in the future. Also, going forward, we will be eligible for WFTDA rankings as well as regional and national tournaments.

A big thanks to our very supportive derby sisters, especially our mentor league, the Oklahoma Victory Dolls and our personal helper/coordinator, Sally Strych9.

This is HUGE, derby fans! Congratulations to us!!



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4 responses to “WE MADE IT! It’s official: SVRG is now a WFTDA league!!!

  1. trixie pixie

    CONGRATULATIONS! that’s so awesome!

  2. wenzdai


  3. Congratulations to Zootown, Death by Dollface, and the rest of the SVRG team from the Zonta Club of Silicon Valley! Fantastic news!

  4. Zootown

    Thank you everyone for the support! We’re so excited to take it to the next level of derby!

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