Roller derby doc “Rolling Thunder” to air on KTEH June 21 @ 10 pm

The roller derby documentary “Rolling Thunder” will be airing on San Jose’s PBS station, KTEH, on June 21st at 10 pm. The doc is narrated/hosted by track announcer Don Drewry and features interviews with some of the original greats as well as legendary promoter Jerry Seltzer. Tune in and learn more about the history of our spectacular sport!



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2 responses to “Roller derby doc “Rolling Thunder” to air on KTEH June 21 @ 10 pm

  1. I do not have a tv. Is there any sports bar, etc, showing the film. It would be fun to watch as Roller Derby was a mainstay on TV during the early 50’s when I was a kid – the days of roller days from the Olympic Auditorium in L. The guys and girls I watched, if they haven’t passed, would be great grand parents now.

    • retoxfox

      We don’t have a showing planned–we just heard about this from our new friend Jerry Seltzer! I don’t have a TV either, so if there’s something I need to see I usually call the bar (hotel bars are usually good for this since they rarely have karaoke, trivia night, bands, or other events scheduled) and ask in advance if I can view there. It’s a Monday night so shouldn’t be too busy.

      Keep an eye out, though…we are working with the producer/director of “Blood on the Flat Track” to try to host a showing of that documentary (on modern roller derby) at a theater in August.

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