SVRG at Home: August 20th, Double-Header

Photo by LeVar Hurtin' (IGP PHOTO)

We’re baaaaaa-aaaccckkkkk! SVRG Comes Home for our August 20th Double-Header!

by Absolutely Scabulous, #.08 BAC

After two months on the road, your Silicon Valley Roller Girls are back home on August 20th with a double-header derby extravaganza. Your Dot.Kamikazes are matched against Slaughter County Roller Vixens’ Saint’s of Slaughter, with the KillaBytes bouting against our friends from the East Bay, the Undead Bettys.

SVRG burst into the 3rd quarter ranked 12th in the Western Region (see full regional rankings here), giving this home bout some serious weight playing 13th ranked Slaughter County. Record-wise, teams are fairly evenly matched with SVRG (7-4) playing more games than Slaughter County, but Slaughter having an undefeated record (5-0). As always, rankings and records don’t hold the full story; Slaughter County boasts two Olympic skaters, Alyssa Davis and Ceilidh Sligh, respectively known as Toucan Slam and On Da Sligh. SVRG got a sneak peak earlier this year, watching On Da Sligh at the Wild West Showdown. The Dots are fired up with a fresh roster of all your favorite skaters ready to take on the Saints!

The Killas are gearing up to take a byte out of the Undead Bettys. Word on the rink is that the Bettys have stepped up their game play, and become some seriously fierce competition. SVRG loves playing the Bettys—their sportswomanship, strategy, and overall clean gameplay makes them solid competitors.

Tickets for this double header are selling out quickly, so buy yours today at Brown Paper Tickets. Pricing for this event is $15 for general admission and $8 for the kidlets. You can’t beat those prices with a stick (or a solid shoulder block)!


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