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Derby 2.0: SVRG’s MicroChicks Defeat the Fallin’ Angels

Derby 2.0 and Fallin’ Angels, Photo by Adrienne O’Keefe

MicroChicks and Fallin’ Angels, Photo by Adrienne O’Keefe

What a game! The final score was 99-89 in favor of Silicon Valley’s MicroChicks in the March 11th bout against Resurrection Roller Girls’ Fallin’ Angels in Rohnert Park, California. SVRG wants to thank our gracious hosts for a great time! To remember the event, the Resurrection team gave all of our girls dog tags stamped with both team names.

Unleasha Moore (one of the Derby 2.0 coaches) reported, “The skaters did a fantastic job of working together and communicating in the pack. Plus the jammers killed it for sure! There were so many lead changes and all the girls who jammed gave it their all!” Derby 2.0 coaches Belle Wringer, Mongoose, and Unleasha Moore helped the team prepare for their victory and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Interested in Joining Derby 2.0?

Derby 2.0, SVRG’s junior derby league, is for girls aged 7-17, and is divided into two teams. The MicroChicks (skaters aged 7-10) learn the basics of derby without hitting; blocking is strictly positional. The Web Bruisers (ages 11-17) engage in full-contact play once the coaches feel they’re ready. Skaters 18 and older can try out for the adult league. Derby 2.0 coach Unleasha Moore was the first skater to graduate from junior derby to roster for the KillaBytes and is happy to be mentoring her former teammates in her new role.

Derby 2.0 has grown since the first practice in June of 2010, to a full roster of 30 skaters. Many of the original girls are still skating with the league and hope to follow in Unleasha’s tracks.

If you’re interested in being a part of the present and future of derby, send us an email at juniorderby@svrollergirls.com.

2012 Bout Schedule
*subject to change

April 1: MicroChicks vs. Santa Cruz Saltwater Sassies (at San Jose Skate)
May 5: Web Bruisers vs. Seattle Derby Brats (at Roosevelt Park)
June 10: SVRG Derby 2.0 vs. SVRG Derby 2.0 (at San Jose Skate)
July 21: Double Header vs. San Fernando Valley (at Roosevelt Park)
Aug. 19: MicroChicks vs. TBD (at San Jose Skate)
Sept. 9: MicroChicks vs. Santa Cruz Saltwater Sassies (at Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium)
Oct. 21: SVRG Derby 2.0 vs. TBD (at San Jose Skate)
Nov. 11: Web Bruisers vs. Hollister Jr. Derby Girls (at San Jose Skate)


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Derby 2.0 Is Recruiting Junior Derby Skaters

Do you know a girl between the ages of 7 and 17 who wants to play roller derby? Forward this flyer and have her contact Coach Chanasaw at juniorderby@svrollergirls.com.

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Meet a Jerb from Our Junior Derby Squad!

Did you miss our Junior Derby Squad, Derby 2.0, on the NBC News? If so, make sure to check it out online.

SVRG introduced our junior derby program with a summer session in 2010 to help teach girls basic skating skills, teamwork, and confidence. It was a huge success and there was a great demand by young skaters and parents—thus was born Derby 2.0, offering 8-week sessions all year round for girls aged 7-17. Girls 10 and older are eligible to play full contact roller derby. These girls are cute and fierce! Meet one of our own jerby girls, Tex Mex!

Tex Mex from SVRG's Derby 2.0

How did you first get involved in roller derby?

My mom skates for SVRG. She took me skating and I learned how to skate well. After two years of her being with SVRG, they started the Jr. League where she now coaches and I, of course, wanted to join.

How did you choose your name and number?

Tex Mex was my parents’ nickname for me and it matched my mom’s derby name, so it stuck. My number of course means I am half Mexican and half Texan.

What position do you play and what are you known for on the track?

I’m a blocker, known for my smooth stride.

What do your friends at school think about derby?

They think it’s awesome and they are a little scared of me!

What are some of the best things about being in junior derby?

It’s a place to have fun, make friends, get exercise, and be brave. I hope it gets bigger so they offer it one day at my high school.

Come Watch a Game

The girls will be playing their first full home bout at our April 2nd game, so get your tickets now at Brown Paper Tickets!

Do you know a girl who’s got the heart and guts to be a junior derby girl? Email juniorderby@svrollergirls.com for more information, or join the Jerby Girls for dinner 4-6pm on March 11th at Poor House Bistro for our Mardi Gras Fundraiser!


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Last chance for $10 tickets to the last SVRG home bout of the season

You know you’re coming, so why not save some bones and go ahead and buy your tickets NOW! Visit Brown Paper Tickets to get  $10 tickets to our superhero themed bout, United We Skate, on Saturday, September 11. You will get to see a mini-bout by Derby 2.0 (our junior derby girls aged 7 to  17), plus all the hard-hitting action you’ve come to expect from the KillaBytes and the Dot.Kamikazes. Full details are here.

The $10 price is only good through this Wednesday, August 25th, so don’t miss your chance!!

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Tickets now on sale for the last SVRG home bout of the season, Sat., Sep 11!

It is our last home bout of the season, and we have a lot of roller derby in store for you at San Jose Skate on September 11! First, we will have the public debut of our Derby 2.0 junior derby teams, the MicroChicks and the Web Bruisers. Girls ages 7 to 17 that have attended our junior derby summer camp and other sessions will be taking the floor at 5:30. The KillaBytes will then take on Sac City’s Folsom Prison Bruisers at 6:30, and the Dots will be challenging the Choice City Rebels of Northern Colorado at 8.

Again we are rewarding our hardcore fans: we are having an early bird special, so anyone who purchases online at Brown Paper Tickets before August 25th will get adult tickets for only $10!! After that, tickets are available online or at the following ticket locations at $13 for adults, $8 for kids: San Jose Skate, Psycho Donuts, Streetlight Records (Bascom location only), and Jack’s Bar & Lounge. Door tickets will be $17 for adults and $10 for kids.

A portion of the proceeds from the bout will be donated to Career Closet, which aims to empower women to return to the workforce by preparing them with business attire and confidence! Donate a work-appropriate accessory, such as jewelry, shoes, scarf, or handbag to the Career Closet vendor table and receive a FREE SVRG giveaway!

As always, we will have a beer garden, raffle, and half-time entertainment for your enjoyment. Come get some of our last official derby action of the season here in San Jose!


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Come support SVRG junior derby this Thursday, June 10!

Derby 2.o is here! For those of you who have not heard, SVRG is launching a junior derby camp this summer for girls 7 to 17. We need to do some fundraising to help cover camp costs, so we are hosting a fundraiser this Thursday, June 10, at San Jose Skate (397 Blossom Hill Road) from 6 to 9 pm. Cost of entry is $10 and you will get to come skate with SVRG and know you’re supporting local girls’ athletics.

If you’ve got a potential derby girl, this is a great opportunity to come out and meet the skaters who will be helping coach and ask any questions you may have. The staff at San Jose Skate will also be there if you have questions about skates or safety gear for your child.

More details about junior derby can be found here. If you have questions, please contact juniorderby@svrollergirls.com . See you there!

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Looking for girls 7 to 17 interested in junior derby!!

Do you know of a girl ages 7 to 17 who likes to roller skate? The Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be hosting an eight-week camp this summer to teach skating skills and noncontact roller derby. Our sister league, Santa Cruz, has hosted a junior derby program for nearly a year and it has been a huge success, so we are happy to extend this opportunity to the girls of San Jose.

Class will be Thursdays, 5 to 7 pm, from June 24 to August 12. The cost of the camp is $90 for the whole eight weeks. Participants are required to provide skates and full safety gear (kneepads, elbow pads, wristguards, mouthguards, and helmet).

If you know someone who is interested or if you have any questions, please email our junior derby camp head, Kimfectious, at juniorderby@svrollergirls.com .
Also, note that we are having a fundraiser for our junior derby league on June 10 from 6 to 9 pm at San Jose Skate. Hope to see you there!


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