Roller Derby in the New York Times

Need any more proof that roller derby is hitting the big time? This is a great feature article in the New York Times about the 2008 WFTDA National Champions, New York City’s Gotham Girls. There’s a nice, simple explanation of the sport, an outsider’s insights on the wide appeal of roller derby, a bit of history about WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, which is the main governing body of our sport) and the evolution of the sport, and a glimpse into the lives of a couple of skaters. My favorite quote:  “The outfits (fishnets) and names (Raggedy Animal) may be camp, but the athleticism and injuries are real.”

One interesting aspect of the article is that they note how the local paper neglected to cover the WFTDA championships. One of the hardest parts about being a startup league in a largely unrecognized sport is the difficulty in spreading the word and getting the media to cover our bouts. This is definitely where you as fans can help out! Email, write, or call your local newspaper, your favorite radio station, your local television station, or your favorite local blogger  and tell them that you’re interested in hearing more about us and that you want to be able to check our bout scores.

We appreciate your support! 🙂


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