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SVRG events this weekend! Support your local roller girls!


We have not one, but two events this weekend for our fans around the Bay Area. First up:

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls present a night of punk & rockabilly!

Friday, July 31st @ 8pm

Featuring musical performances by:
Jack Spade Trio
MisFire and the Detonations
Unko Atama
The Ms.Fits (Special acoustic set by all-female Misfits cover band!)

And don’t forget the rollergirls, billiards, goodies, and raffles!
Arrive at 8pm so you don’t miss any of the excitement!

21+, $7 cover

Pine Street Sports Bar & Grill
875 Rincon Ave
Livermore, CA 94551

For those of you in the San Jose area, we are also hosting a fundraiser at Jack’s on Saturday, August 1st–167 E. Taylor St. Drink specials, spankings, and the usual fun & games, so come on by!


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SVRG bids farewell to our beloved Double Easy :(


It is with great sadness that we must report the departure of our dear Double Easy for the Rockied realm of Colorado.

As I met Easy later in her tenure, I was shocked to learn that she could barely stand on skates when she first joined SVRG. Her story is the one of sports mythologies, though: she skated her ass off and practiced and practiced and practiced and taught herself some sweet moves. After all that hard work she developed into both a solid blocker and a reliable jammer based on her speed, endurance, agile feet, and quick thinking in the pack. Her mad skills made her a very valuable asset to SVRG.

It’s rare to come across someone with such unbridled enthusiasm for the sport, and her positive attitude and always-ready-for-more mentality helps buoy her teammates’ spirits and keep us looking forward to every challenge. She is always the first to jump at the opportunity for an extra practice and can recite WFTDA rules as easily as her address. She has also been an awesome Web Mistress for the team website, working long hours to make changes and help us transition to our new forums system. Easy also has other talents we will miss. As a foodie, you can always count on her to bring something delicious to every team potluck event and meeting. And, as a fast food/gas station snack connoisseur, there’s no better companion for a road trip to an away game.

SVRG wants to wish the best of luck to Double Easy in Colorado. Let it be known that whatever roller derby team gets her is lucky to have such a fantastic skater and friend joining the team. We will miss you!



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Team White slips past Team Black in SVRG/BADG mixed scrimmage, 86-69

Thank you to the ever talented Double Easy for the recap of our last exhibition bout of the summer! If you weren’t there, too bad…but you can get your derby fill Saturday, August 8th, at our next home bout at San Jose Skate!

SVRG’s last free outdoor exhibition bout of the 2009 summer was held
last Sunday at 5pm at Roosevelt Park in downtown San Jose. At around
80 degrees F, the afternoon was much cooler than those of the last two
exhibition bouts, which experienced approximate temperatures of 90 and
100 degrees F. SVRG had split into our traditional scrimmage colors of
black and white, but this time we had invited our friends and big
sisters, the girls of the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls (or the BAD Girls
for short), to bolster our ranks. With both teams having 19 or 20
skaters each as opposed to the 10 or 11 of the previous exhibitions,
this last bout was a more relaxing and less exhausting way for SVRG to
end the summer.

Because of the wide variety of skill levels in the skaters (from
rookies who had been playing for a few months to nationals-level
skaters who had been playing for 5 or 6 years), each team divided into
experienced and less-experienced skaters. The black and white teams
made an agreement that the jams would alternate between
more-experienced and less-experienced skaters.

The bout started off fairly evenly, with both teams trading off small
leads in the score. It was not until the middle of the first half that
the white team began to pull away, slowly adding small victories to
their score. In fact there were no enormous point-scoring jams in this
bout. The highest-scoring jam for the white team was a 10-pointer from
Terribelle Demise, and the highest-scoring jam for the black team was
a 9-pointer from Trixie Pixie. These two skaters also had the honor of
being their teams’ highest individual point-scorers, with 21 points in
6 jams for Terribelle and 23 points in 6 jams for Trixie.

White jammers had a particularly tough time getting by black team BAD
Girls Taxi Scab and Liza Machete. However, the black team had an
exceptionally difficult time keeping back quick and agile white jammer
and team captain Brawllen Angel, who scored 18 points in 4 jams and
was also a force to be reckoned with in the pack.

At the end of the first period, the score was 50-25 in favor of white.
The black team took advantage of the 15-minute halftime to regroup and
discuss strategy. This plan worked out for them as the black team
pulled themselves back together as soon as the second period started
and managed to outscore the white team in the second half 44-36.

With about a minute and a half left in the bout, the score was 74-52
in favor of white. With a 22-point deficit, in order to bounce back
the white team would need one incredible jam or two very very good
jams. Black sent out diminutive BADG girl rookie Trixie Pixie to jam,
and white sent out SVRG’s The Undietaker, a rookie member of the
Dot.Kamikazes and a former hockey player. Black got the power jam they
had been looking for when Trixie took lead jammer and The Undietaker
got sent to the penalty box. The formidable white defense was giving
Trixie a bit of trouble and held her to 9 points before Trixie
shrewdly called off the jam with only a few seconds on the clock. At
this point black team captain Taxi Scab instantly called a time out in
order to get one last jam in. With the 9-0 from the last jam, the
score was now 74-61 in favor of white. Black now sent in BADG travel
team jammer Jane Hammer (who, by the way, pulled her team from a
last-jam deficit of 20 points against Sacred City at The Big One
California Tournament in May to tie the game, eventually scoring
_another_ 20 points in triple overtime to win the game) to jam against
a boxed Undietaker. Both teams knew that this would be the last jam
and the deciding jam of the game, and opted to send in their strongest
defense, which included Brawllen Angel, Demanda Riot, and Killer Vee
for the white team, and Liza Machete, Taxi Scab, and sKooter Ov’r for
the black team. Jane Hammer quickly swept through the pack and picked
up lead jammer. However, by this time The Undietaker was finished
serving her penalty time and quickly returned to the track,
immediately slipping her jammer star to pivot and never-fail jammer
Brawllen Angel. Brawllen zipped through the pack like lightening,
followed closely behind by Hammer. Both black and white defenses
picked up, but in the end the white team had outscored the black team
in the last jam 12-8, leading to a final score of 86-69 in favor of

Black team roster: Aim DeKill, 3 / Smashes of Evil, 86’d / Zootown
Throwdown, 406 / BootyVicious, 13 / Retox Fox, 90proof / The Beast, 8
/ Juicy K. Tore, 88 / Lizapalooza, 217 / Satan’s Kitten, 333 / sKooter
Ov’r, 76 / Taxi Scab, 50 cents a mile / Pandamonium, 0 / Trixie Pixie,
360 / Elle Lectrick, >21 / Lemmy Chokeya, 88 / Sinnocent, 594 / La
Chica Mala, 1 kilo / Liza Machete, 1 / Frank N. Hurter, 73 / Jane
Hammer, 777

White team roster: Steffen Razor, 54-46 / The Smack Dahlia, 0147 /
Cyn-tax, 1040EZ / Terribelle Demise, 187 / Dirty Thirty, 10-30 /
Postal Servix, (314) / Donna Diggler, 12 1/2 inches / The Undietaker,
2125 / Bitch Puddin’, Triple 5’s / Double Easy, 238 / Killer Vee, 33 /
Kimfectious, 47 / Tramplesteelskin / Chesty Gillespie, 34DD /
Velveteen Savage, 1.618 / Brawllen Angel, 888 / Bonnie Doom, 444 /
Demanda Riot, 0:00 / Major Drama, 1st


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On your to-do list: WASH THAT FILTHY CAR!

Car wash flyer

I’ll also add that there will be plenty of DELICIOUS BAKED GOODS for sale, so bring some extra cash for some sweets!

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First pics from “Whip It”

Photo credit: USA Today

Photo credit: USA Today

Yes, folks, there is a roller derby movie coming out.You can read about it and see pics here and here. The only thing I can say about the pics so far is: 1) interesting that all the skaters are wearing the same Riedell boot; and 2) there seems to be a dearth of blocker booty. How about a little body diversity? I really hope the movie shows that derby is for women of all shapes and sizes, not just Hollywood figures.

Based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, the film is helmed by Drew Barrymore and stars Ellen Page (aka Juno, or, if you’re on my couch, Kitty Pryde). Marcia Gay Harden, Kristin Wiig, Eve, Jimmy Fallon, and batshit-crazy Juliette Lewis round out the cast. I get the impression that the movie isn’t exactly about roller derby; rather, derby is the vehicle by which the main character achieves rebellion, liberty, and cycles through the typical coming-of-age movie cliches. Thus, we can probably expect too much plot and drama and not enough killer derby action. (Of course, this is the opinion of someone who counts Die Hard among her favorite films and cleared her calendar for Terminator: Salvation.) I want to trust Ellen Page and Marcia Gay Harden as they typically make good role choices, and I admit I rather like Drew Barrymore, but having skimmed the book I know they’re not working from Dostoyevsky or even John Grisham, so any script would need a lot of work.

On the media impact side, I have mixed emotions about Whip It. Of course it’s great to get more attention to the sport, but then you’re also faced with the poseur element when hip things go mainstream. As derby girls, we must be prepared to deal with the publicity and subsequent interest this movie is going to trigger. More fans? Yay! More recruits? Good, but… I love to get new recruits with heart  out on the track, but as with any suddenly-fashionable realm, there will be an inevitable rush of wannabes who Just Want to Look Cool, who will have obnoxious ‘tudes, show up with a skater name already picked out and a ton of money dropped on the cutest getups, and only half-ass it when it comes to actually skating. I mean, how many of you have had one of your favorite bands hit big, and then all of a sudden the show is packed full of bobbleheads who sit around the whole time waiting for the single to be played so that they can scream along with the chorus (of course they can’t even be bothered to learn the lyrics to the verses)–? Sure, you want to be happy for your band’s success, glad to see them rewarded for their talents, but you still feel violated–like something that was precious and yours is now being dirtied and diluted. The specific problem with roller derby is that it is a DIY creation, and the wannabes can add more weight to the wagon without ever helping pull.

But, maybe the best thing to do for now is kwitmybitchin’ and be happy that roller derby is finally getting the attention it deserves. It’s progress to see women’s sports getting the same attention as men’s. And, we will definitely be happy to see the newly curious rinkside at our remaining bouts this year. But hey–no need to wait for the movie. Come see the real thing this August 8th at San Jose Skate!


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SVRG’s 2nd Annual Hot August Fights: Tickets on sale NOW!

Hot August Fights Part II

SVRG will be taking on the Angel City Derby Girls Rocket Queens at San Jose Skate on August 8. Doors open at 6 and the bout starts at 7.

Tickets are currently for sale online at Brown Paper Tickets: $15 for adults and $6 for kids. Tickets at the door are $17 for adults and $8 for kids; babies in arms (two and under) are free.

We also encourage you to visit our sponsors, where you can buy tickets on site:

Psycho Donuts
Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-12:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM-8:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-8:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Streetlight Records

Sunday – Thursday 10AM – 10PM
Friday – Saturday 10AM – 11PM

If you buy tickets at these locations there is no service fee. Additionally, you will receive FREE coupons for Streetlight Records, Psycho Donuts, Sam’s BBQ, and for beer at the SVRG bout! How awesome is that?

A portion of proceeds from the bout will be donated to the John Muir Cancer Institute.
If overnight accommodations are needed, the nearest hotel to the roller rink is The Dolce Hayes Mansion:
The Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95136
(408) 226-3200
This is a fancy hotel with an amazing pool. Your SVRG travel agent has secured a rate of $60/night for June 13th; you must use the group rate code  “rollergirls” when booking.

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FREE Roller Derby! SVRG’s last exhibition bout of the summer!

SVRG exhibition flyer

Last chance for free roller derby!! SVRG will be hosting their last exhibition bout of the summer, so come get the free derby while you can! This time we have invited some of our friends from the Bay.Area.Derby.Girls to play as well, so expect some new (and highly skilled) skaters on the track.

We will be at Roosevelt Park in San Jose (901 E. Santa Clara St.) and the bout starts at 5 pm. As always, you are welcome to bring in your own food and beverages. There is some shaded bleacher seating, but you can also pack a lawn chair and perch right next to the track! It’s going to be a warm day, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen and consider packing one of those chairs with the little shade umbrellas for maximum comfort.

Thanks to Killer Vee for the mention here!

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